Upholstered furniture manufacturing since 1947!




Carl Fredrik Upholstered Furniture Company is a maker of superior quality products from Estonia, a Nordic member country of the European Union. We have been in the business since 1947 and have developed a manufacturing process that guarantees enduring beauty and comfort to our customers.

Carl Fredrik products reflect our passion for quality furniture that respects tradition and cares for the environment. To share that passion with you, Carl Fredrik products come fully hand-made and only include premium materials that are selected with a view to minimizing the ecological footprint of our manufacturing process.


Timeless Comfort in Style

Carl Fredrik upholstered furniture is a lifetime companion that will grace your home or office with its classy looks and natural feel.

To ensure the durability of our products, we build their frames exclusively of Nordic hardwood selected and harvested with love and respect for the places it comes from and the people who bring it to us. We are part of the Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody system which permits us to track our timber back to the tree that it was cut from.

We take pride in our furniture and tag each and every frame we make with a unique serial number. As a result, our frames carry a 20-year guarantee against faulty workmanship. To make our products safe, our upholstery only uses foam filling certified as flame retardant.

Our quality control system is designed to stop any furniture item that exhibits workmanship or materials defects from being shipped to customers. After every stage of the manufacturing process, our furniture is checked for compliance with the highest standards. When manufacturing work is completed, each and every product is subjected to meticulous inspection. We will only release a product when we are certain that it is flawless. Moreover, our quality control procedures permit us to trace any fault or defect back to its origin. Knowing where and what went wrong allows us to take steps to avoid that happening again. 

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